Teaching eBooks

Close-up of the lipid bi-layer

Foundations of neuroscience:
Cells and cell membranes

Animated neuron firing

Neural electrical & chemical communication

Hair cells and tip links

Processing sensory information

A person playing tennis

Control systems

Rotating hologram of the human brain

Higher brain functions

Research eBooks

Close up of an animal cell under the microscope

Preparing for research

Silhouette of a miner using a pickaxe to mine data

Conducting your study

Cartoon drawing of a litmus test

Introduction to biomedical experimental techniques

Chart showing standard deviations over a binomial distribution

Dealing with quantitative research data

A colourful interface with three panels of data and three control knobs below

An introduction to qualitative research

A wise old man with a beard and head garment

Producing an output – and doing so effectively!