Introduction to biomedical experimental techniques

Model organisms in biomedical sciences

Ethical Research and Approvals: Scientific Activities Involving Animals Procedures - Download PDF (266kb)

General techniques

Revision of numerical skills - Download PDF (539kb)

Serial dilutions - Download PDF (201kb)

How to measure human blood glucose levels in the lab - Download PDF (194kb)

Histology and microscopy techniques

A superb online module to learn about histology - Download PDF (39kb)

Some other types of microscopy - Download PDF (402kb)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Download PDF (56kb)

Molecular techniques

PET/CT imaging - Download PDF (1.7mb)

Polymerase Chain Reaction and real-time quantitative RT-PCR - Download PDF (224kb)

Cellular techniques

A guide to working with bacteria - Download PDF (1.0mb)

Immunofluorescence bacterial detection - Download PDF (114kb)

Flow cytometry (and FACS) - Download PDF (369kb)

A suite of videos on practical lab techniques - Oxford University Press

Pharmacological techniques

Basic numeracy for drug and solute concentrations and infusions - Queens University, Belfast

Virtual labs on principles of pharmacological techniques - Interactive Clinical Pharmacology

Prescribing in Clinical pharmacology - Bart's & The London School of Medicine

An example of how to do an isolated organ bath experiment in pharmacology - Download PDF (1.0MB)

Neuroscience techniques

Brain imaging techniques - Download PDF (165kb)

Additional resources

Links to experimental protocols - Download PDF (55kb)